$25 Annually
  • Community Member
  • Newcomers to Canada (HPs not in practice)
  • Non-Health Professional
  • Student


$75 Annually
  • Retired MD
  • Resident
  • Fellow or Allied Health Professional (Pharmacist, Nurse, Technician etc)


$150 Annually
  • Medical Professional (MD, DO, PhD, Dentist)

Why You Should Join IMI Canada

  • Our health professional members are eligible to vote in national chapter elections and steer the direction of IMI.
  • Reduced registration fees at IMI events globally & special discounts on products (differ by country of registration).
  • Share your perspective & get involved with work that matters professionally and to improve the community.
  • Receive expert guidance to help you with your practice and difficult questions—including complex Islamic Medical Ethics concerns.
  • Build professional relationships across the world through IMI's network.
  • Young professionals & students: receive mentorship and career guidance.
  • Serve at risk and poor communities globally through your support.

Constitutional Criteria for Membership

  • While IMI's beneficiaries (and many supporters) are from diverse backgrounds, as a faith-based entity, membership in the global platform and any chapter is constitutionally limited to Jaffari Shia Muslims.
  • Membership is available for professional and associate (non-health professional) member classes and as annual or lifetime payments.
  • As a health professional organization, voting rights are reserved for IMI members from professional backgrounds in health/health-related fields.
  • While we cherish our student and associate members and will always do our best to keep them informed and to follow up on their input/thoughts and ideas, our members in this category are unfortunately not eligible to vote.