There are many ways to give, but however you give, rest assured your donations are handled responsibly.

Please note: Donation receipts for tax-exemptions/benefits where applicable are issued based on the IMI Chapter you donate through. IMI Canada, a registered charity in Canada, will provide receipts for Canadian tax exemption benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions
    Is IMI Canada a registered Charity?
  • Yes, IMI Canada is a registered charity with the CRA.
  • Our charity registration number is: 83414 0048 RR 0001
    What are your Administrative Costs?
  • We aim to work with the lowest possible administrative costs while also maximizing the efficiency of our programs for our beneficiaries. Accordingly, we have established a 10% administrative cost.
  • Our administrative costs support essential functions that keep our organization running in a reliable and compliant manner. This includes administrative, technology, finance, legal, donor services and media outreach.
  • These costs help to sustain our organization, and allow our projects to proceed in order to help as many people as we can.
    How can I get a tax receipt for my donation?
  • If you choose to donate via the forms on this website:
    • You will automatically recieve a tax reciept within a few minutes of your donation.
  • If you choose to donate via a different method and would like a tax receipt:
    • Please email us at following the donation with your mailing address, full legal name and donation cause.
    • You will receive a tax receipt at the end of the month. Please allow 14 business days at the start of the next month to receive this.
    • Please note: if we do not receive this information, we will be unable to issue you a tax receipt.
    Is there another way I can send my donation?
  • Yes, you can send donations via an e-transfer, bank transfer, cheque or even through CanadaHelps.
  • Please see the "More Ways to Give" section below for more information.
More Ways To Give
  • Mail to: 113 Miller Road, Oakville, ON, L6H 1J8, Canada
  • Payable to: Imamia Medics International-Canada, Inc
  • Email:
  • Limited to $10,000
    Bank/Wire Transfer
  • Account name: Imamia Medics International-Canada Inc.
  • Bank Account #: 101-988-4
  • Branch #: 06512
  • Financial Institution #: 003
  • Swift Code: ROYCCAT2
  • ABA #: 021000021
  • Financial Institution: Royal Bank of Canada, 1545 Steeles Ave E, Toronto, ON M2M 3Y7