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T Pavilion IMI Dream Project

It is IMI’s absolute privilege to introduce the Tilmiz Pavilion in honor of late Maulana Syed Tilmiz ul Hasnain Rizvi. It has been a long standing mission of IMI to help those in need in our community. This will be a dedicated pavilion as part of the IMI housing facility and will be the very reflection of that mission. It will help cater to the low income members with subsidized housing and will help build a more inclusive and giving community. The Tilmiz Pavilion will consist of 10 rooms, with each room costing $50,000 in development and construction, for a total cost of $500,000.

Maulana Tilmiz was a legend in his lifetime, a great scholar, pious aalim, a shafeeq buzurg and a selfless soul who’s services extended to the North American community and the South Asian community around the world. He served the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) along with his noble Ahlul Bayt (a.s.) and his rightly guided companions for over seven decades, as a teacher, writer, orator and community leader. He had been serving the American muslim community in New Jersey since the 1980s and was known to all to be friendly, warm and welcoming person. He was the resident Alim of Aastana e Zehra since its opening in 1990, established the Ahle Bait School, the Shabe Jumma Program, wrote and translated numerous book from Arabic & Persian into Urdu, and also did Tafseer e Qur’an . These were some of his contributions among many over the past many decades. Maulana was also a great patron of IMI and had participated in many of IMI’s programs. He deeply appreciated the services of IMI over the past few years, especially endorsing and supporting IMI’s Dream Project. It is a great honor for IMI to be able to name this pavilion after him and we hope to continue to be inspired by Maulana Syed Tilmiz ul Hasnain Rizvi’s dedication and selfless work for the community.

Catering to those in low-income brackets, the T Pavilion, named in honor of H.I. Syed Tilmiz ul Hasnain Rizvi, will be an integral part of the Dream Project allowing those in financial hardship the ability to secure quality assisted living facilities at a subsided rate.