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IMI Afghanistan Appeal

In the Holy nights before Arbaeen, please donate in the name of our undying efforts in spreading the message of Imam Hussain (AS)

To help support our efforts, please donate to our emergency fund.

Imamia Medics International expresses deep concern for the people of Afghanistan amidst political instability, extremist attacks, and violence against the civilian population. We raise concern for the Shias and other ethnic and religious minorities who are historically at risk of increased persecution, suppression and violence. We are providing support through our global network of volunteer healthcare professionals from all specialties and coalesce our resources towards the Afghani crisis.

Afghanistan’s healthcare system on brink of collapse, as hunger hits 95 per cent of families

Only five percent of households in Afghanistan have enough to eat every day, according to recent surveys conducted by WFP.

IMI is on the ground, in the United States and in Afghanistan, at the site of the world's emerging humanitarian crisis.