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Our Story

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Where it all began

As immigrants and foreign medical graduates, IMI’s founders faced numerous challenges establishing their professional roots in the US. As they laid the foundations for their own successful careers, IMI’s founders and core members began to identity ways to work through vetted community networks to help new immigrant health professionals as they landed in the US. During one such meeting in the famed basement of a New York residence, Imamia Medics International was born.

As any good idea, the implementation of this decision took countless additional hours of hard work, planning and the coming together of 35 medical and legal minds leading to the approval of IMI as a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the United States. Following this, on April 23rd, 1994, IMI’s constitution was unveiled at the first conference in Boston and was unanimously adopted at the first general body meeting on September the 10th, 1994.

IMI evolves

Up to 5 years ago, Imamia Medics International was almost exclusively run by dedicated volunteers. Despite limited resources, IMI achieved tremendous milestones in those 20 years including accreditation by the United Nations Department of Public Information in 2000 and our Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 2006.

The explosion of development and expansion in IMI’s impact over the last few years shows us what the investment of full-time professional staffing brings:

  • Seven new national chapters: Iraq, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Tanzania, Turkey

  • Over a dozen new local chapters across the US and Pakistan.

  • More international delegations providing humanitarian assistance globally in areas like Haiti, Greece Iraq, and Tanzania.

  • Increased collaboration with internationally recognized medical bodies and university hospitals including the University of Edinburgh and Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein University Hospital.

A look to our future

With one of the smallest staffs in comparison to comparable international organizations, our 4 IMI HQ employees (one full time & 3 part time) consistently juggle multiple tasks and portfolios. As IMI continues to grow globally, IMI’s international headquarters and our own infrastructure must be enhanced to maintain our professional standards as we continue to execute our mission.

Synthesizing your feedback and the ideas shared for the future of IMI at the General Body Meeting (at the 8th International Conference), the future for IMI HQ includes not only the addition of our own physical office, but also increased staffing to ensure smooth and efficient operations including:

  • Developing/Implementing international programs & delegations

  • Ensuring financial transparency and compliance

  • Reporting to and engaging the United Nations and affiliated entities

  • Advancing advocacy and policy initiatives

  • Recruiting and training volunteers

  • Managing IMI’s membership program and enhancing benefits

  • Providing donor reports including newsletters and periodic updates

  • Increasing public awareness of programming through social media

  • Updating & maintaining content for IMI’s new website

  • Transition of IMI’s global network to our new online portal to allow you to quickly review your receipts, event registrations, membership history, benefits and more