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Professional Development

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IMI Professional Development portfolio includes career guidance for students in health fields, placement assistance for residencies, rotations and observerships as well as mentorship. A large component of our work also includes medical education and trainings: these are done through continuing medical education (CME) conferences—our most recent international conference in Orlando, Florida, was accredited by AACME—seminars and online courses. Medical education is also provided in the form of more specialized conferences for specific regions, as well as specialized hands on training for complex procedures.

  1. Providing career guidance for students to encourage pursuits of STEM fields including seminars on how to get into medical school, nursing, pharmacy etc.
  2. Providing internship opportunities, observerships and building mentorship relationships within the network of IMI Canada professionals and the students, as well as opening students up to career development opportunities like observerships (based on fields/specialty) through the global network.
  3. Providing continuing medical education sessions for low/no-cost to ensure all health professionals are able to maintain the highest levels of professional knowledge and standards without prejudice to economic status.
    • First IMI Canada conference provided 10 Canadian CMEs and the cost for members was only $30 and included meals for the full duration (aside from the main banquet).

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