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Health Services

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IMI provides a variety of health services to disadvantaged communities globally. These include long-term clinics, one or two-day health camps with specialists and ambulance services—both for specific short term needs and long term service. In addition, IMI organizes delegations to provide medical services globally including two annual iconic projects: the IMI Hajj Medical Mission and the Annual Arbaeen Medical Mission. IMI US also provides health services in the US through a network of practitioners for uninsured or underinsured members.

The IMI Medics Consultative Service was launched in 2013 to provide free online medical consultations, making recommendations for diagnosis, additional workup, and health management. Working in tandem with the primary physician, a panel of highly specialized physician of various medical and surgical sub-specialties from around the world provide recommendations and advice.

Health Education

IMI advances medical education and professional development in allied fields at every level. IMI helps medical students, residents, fellows, and academics succeed throughout medical education, training, rotations, and practice. Opportunities for these new and emerging professionals include mentorship, career guidance events, rotation placement support and a platform to network with peers and senior colleagues. Likewise, for established professionals, IMI continues to serve as a global network and hosts events with Continuing Medical Education accreditation to enhance physician’s understanding of current medical developments.

Medical Services

IMI’s activities range from professional educational programs, community based clinics, vaccination programs, maternal and child care programs, health missions, disaster relief operations and international health policy work at the UN and similar agencies. IMI has been an active partner in Pulse Polio Immunization Program, Global Tuberculosis Control Programs, Hajj Medical Missions and Disaster Relief Operations during earthquakes, famines and other crises across the globe. IMI has led humanitarian/disaster relief missions in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Haiti, South Asia, Pakistan and Somalia.